Your Price Is Too High

Your Price Is Too High | Samajdar India

  • How should you respond?
  • Why are they asking?
  • Should you lower the price?

Here is my advice

Never drop your price, this will only de-value you
And your product/service.

The way to respond 

First: Find out what their budget is.

This will give you a scope as to what their perceived of your
service is.

Second: Find out exactly why they’re wanting your help.

Out of everyone they could have considered why did they
select you specifically?

Third: What is it they are looking to achieve?

What would it do for their business?
Find the impact your product or
service would have.

Fourth: Show them that you have their best interest
at heart.

That you want the best possible outcome for you and them – both.

Fifth: Measure the effort vs the result they get.

This is so that they stop thinking of price and rather think
of the end result.

Sixth: Whatever happens in the conversation, come from
a place of professionalism & experience.

This will show the client that you truly value what you are
offering them

Seventh: If they persist on the price conversation with you.

Explain that they’re not seeing the true value of their problem
if they’re not willing to spend money on fixing it.

And always remember…

You were going to make life work before the quote…

You will make life work regardless…

Don’t fall into the mindset that because of the call,
You have to close the job…

This puts you in a horrible and disadvantages


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